I know that people who join the CoS pay the 100$ and then they receive their member card.(and a baphomet?!) Also I know that for active membership you have to fill an aplication.

But, anybody can pay the money, join the CoS without even being a satanist and then he/she becomes a member. He will be put in contact with other members, he will gain acces to forums, etc. How do you know who that person realy is?

Or is it going to be a selection process ...If so, when and how is this process going to take place? Please tell me more about it.

Another question: Is there any CoS activity in Bucharest or in any place in Romania? Do not give me any details ...just a yes or not answer will be fine (you can answer me on private) ...If I'm going to be a member, I don't want to be alone in the middle of nowere.

That's because if there is no church here, I shall Not become a member now and I'll wait for the time I will be ready to build one ...there has to ba an "above ground organisation" (I have experience in dealing with non-guvernamental, political or religious organisations ...also in romanian legislation).

Thank you.

Hail Satan!
Hail Me!
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