know that people who join the CoS pay the 100$ and then they receive their member card.(and a baphomet?!) Also I know that for active membership you have to fill an aplication.

Yes. Baphomets are sold seperately at the CoS Emporium.


But, anybody can pay the money, join the CoS without even being a satanist and then he/she becomes a member. He will be put in contact with other members, he will gain acces to forums, etc. How do you know who that person realy is?

Incorrect. Re-read the Affiliation page at the www.churchofsatan.com.

Only Active members are put in contact with other Active Members, following the approval of their Active Membership application by The Church of Satan's Central office.

Registered Members get the card and the satisfaction of belonging to the world's only Satanic Church. You don't do it for the 'bonuses' - in fact, we'd prefer that you did not.

You become a Registered Member because (ideally) you are a Satanist, and you want to show your support for Satanism and the Church of Satan and "cast your lot in with the Devil", as it were.

Registered Members can interact with each other in the Members-only areas of this board, thanks to our gracious host, Rev. Ventrue. Please do not join just to get access to these areas. People who do seem to find their way out of The Church of Satan quickly.


If I'm going to be a member, I don't want to be alone in the middle of nowere.

Again, becoming a member isn't about "getting together with other Satanists". It's a personal choice.


That's because if there is no church here, I shall Not become a member now and I'll wait for the time I will be ready to build one ...there has to ba an "above ground organisation"

The Church of Satan has members all around the world. It is ALREADY an above ground organization. You can become a member or not - that's all there is to it. There is no need to "start your own".

While you may be given permission to start a Grotto if you request to do so, I would suggest that you do not join with plans to do so immediately. Join for you, personally, or don't join at all.

The question to ask yourself is: "Would I want to Register myself as a member of the Church of Satan if I knew that I may never meet another member in my life?"

If you can answer "Yes" honestly...


Hail Satan!