I am sure you all will allow that emotional energy is a very useful and tangible thing, and those of you that have manipulated it in the Ritual Chamber would consider it a certainty. My question here concerns an acute receptivity of such energy in the paranormal sense; hauntings, premonition, channeling, etc. and the possibilities of manipulating such energy to one's own desires.

The two things I will treat as fact here are that firstly emotional releases, especially traumatic ones, leave a visible mark in the world around us (see Dr. LaVey's essay on Lycanthropy as a case in point where one can deliberately leave such a mark on a place) and secondly, some of us are highly receptive to said energy.

Now, on to the specifics. My good friend and partner (believe me, if it was me I would say as much) seems to be a highly receptive individual. She has been privy to an intriguingly high number of traumatic incidents in her relative past, present and future. While being able to see many ghosts and to succumb to premonition (and avert it to a small degree) are interesting in their own right, what interests me here are her moments of connecting to events as they happen (in this sense there is no mark on a specific place, she said it is rather more like tuning an old radio). Also take for granted that I really have no reason to disbelieve these occurrences.

Now, I have presented the idea to her that it may be possible to use this energy in the form of Greater Magic. Granted that these instances cannot be timed and would make their use in a Ritual setting difficult, I am wondering if it could still be useful and/or possible to manipulate it toward one's desires and if anyone here has had any success in doing so.