Greetings all,

I have just received my wrist watch that I purchased through the CoS Emporium.

I ordered the "Beast" 440 watch, this is one of 5 high end watches in a series of 1000. (Look it up or add a link or image here.)

It is everything that I expected it to be and more!

It rests in a gloss black wooden box with a chrome skull sitting atop it which is the trademark of the manufacturer.

The watch itself is waiting inside with soft black material and padding to keep it safe.

I am very impressed with the quality of this timepiece and the presentation of the packaging.

I had a jeweler remove four links to fit it to my wrist which he did for no charge. He was equally stunned by it as well.

I believe that I purchased the last one at this tier but there may remain others that are less expensive but equally as beautiful.

I would also like to take this time to personaly thank Magister Ventrue for all of his assistance in this transaction.

Thanks again,

Hail Satan,

Come taste the shadows
I have forsaken the light,
And creep ever dark.