Ladies and gentlemen, answer, please, some questions if you will not complicate.

1. How do you came to the own sights?
2. What reasons for you comprehension of the satanist?
3. To me interestingly your understanding satanism. In what it consists?
4. What your principles consist?
5. Than or whom for you the Devil is? Darkness is?
6. How your way they are connected among themselves?
7. How you concern to paganism?
8. How you concern to atheism? To scepticism?
9. What for you such concepts as honour, advantage mean?
10. Whether they are connected in your understanding with satanism?
11. With what works of authors - satanists, except A.S.LaVey you are know?
12. What you races?
13. What yours IQ on Asenk? Ravenn? Kettell?