How do you as a satanist respond to this?

Generally, we don't. In fact, such an attempt at inquiry regarding this document is often made by outsiders to hopefully elicit knee-jerk reactions from less media literate Satanists -- or merely those who call themselves Satanists. It's a game I choose not to play.


Also, I was wondering if there is any website where you can download audio sermons by LaVey or anyone else from the Church of Satan.

Our printed material -- books, magazines, websites -- should be good enough. Though, reading does require actual effort.


My last question is about the membership application.
Why do you need to answer all these questions... Some of them seem legitimate, but some of them I cant seem to understand... What exactly would you do with these answers...

They are used to get to know the person better. Moreover, the fact that you ask even tells us something about you.


I cant seem to understand the purpose of this...

Then you should read The Satanic Bible over again.
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