My personal opinion is that the ignore feature is a waste of programing code. While the talent that went into creating it may be hail worthy, the feature itself isn't. It is a coward's feature. If you don't like someone, or feel their posts are stupid and not worth your time, scroll on past it (hence ignoring it with no special feature, that was tough), or have some balls and say you know what... YOU'RE STUPID. ::Rolls eyes before anyone replies to this comment:: This is a feature that can cause stupid misunderstandings. I have seen them before, and no a Satanist is not immune to misunderstandings.... I have seen more bullshit misunderstandings on this forum without this feature. And before anyone says a Satanist shouldn't care what anyone thinks or what not, 90% of the "Satanists" on this forum are human and in fact do care. You can see it how they take comments personally and reply accordingly. I personally don't care if anyone ignores me. I have all of maybe 15 posts, Oh no, now I won't be heard!! ::Rolls eyes:: So much for if someone is bothering you let them know/ask them to stop, if they persist destroy them. Guess we will have to take out the part about letting them know and insert ignore feature. Not to take anything away from Rev. Ventrue for his efforts and thought. It just isn't, IMHO, a plus to the forum.

Now, a feature that allows you to simply reply to a topic and not to a specific person, like I would prefer to do, would be a handy feature.

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