I would like to know how you have experienced love in your existence?

How close was this emotion to something that you have heard before? How is it different? How did it feel to care and feel close to someone as much as you feel close to yourself? How did it feel when every word from your loved one struck a cord within you and made you both tremble on the same frequency?

What is love to you? Is it a chemical reaction, is it a pure emotion or is it a combination of emotions, how would you define it according to what your OWN mind is telling you?

What does it feel like when your heart is open for someone else?

Have you experienced love in a form where it felt like your being became one with another being? I believe that true love is like two wild horses running together beside each other.

The mistake and the flaw of this world is that usually people mistake love for a horse with a rider. I am, of course, using horses here as a metaphor for two minds.