Hell-o one and all
Now available at www.antonlaveybust.com

This page has been created specifically to order the Anton LaVey tribute bust created by the House of Netherworld. Please note that this is a very limited piece restricted to a run of 200 pieces in total. Many have been pre-ordered so if you want one act now.

The Anton LaVey Bust is a tribute to the founder of the Church of Satan, an amazing and brilliant writer, musician, magician and a great influence on all of us here at the House of Netherworld. It has been sculpted in the Neo-Classical style of the late 19th century and reflects a refined and artistic sensibility. This will become the center piece of many an altar in the finest of lairs. Each bust is hand cast and hand finished in a Faux Bronze designer poly-resin and will outlast us all.

A special edition finish "Iron Age Dr. LaVey" is available to COS members only! please contact us before ordering to qualify and to secure a casting. An heirloom piece to be handed down through the ages. The Anton LaVey tribute bust stands over 11 inches tall and commands a sense of awe in all who see it. Embedded in the front piece of the bust is a reproduction of Dr. LaVey's personal symbol, the lightening struck pentagram, cast in fine pewter and electroplated in sterling silver.

The cost of this profound artwork is $135.00 + $15.00 shipping. These are produced and sent out on a first come first served basis and shipping starts after April 11th 2008. Please act now to secure your piece of Satanic history before it is too late and this piece is sold out. You will not find another like it in this world or any other.

Created By Reverend Joe Netherworld for Satanists and others who respect the works of Dr. LaVey. No Book Shelf, Music Room or Ritual Chamber is complete with out it

"yet see amid their mimic route a crawling shape intrude, a Blood red thing that writhes through out the scenic solitude"