I discovered something while sitting on my throne (the toilet) catching up on some reading.

The tome I was involved in is a clean, boldly colored first edition of the Satanic Rituals. I was feeling nostalgic, considering the color of the book, the feel and smell of the pages, the memories of holding it while doing my stuff as some teenage hooligan...hell even the price printed on the upper right hand corner of its' face caught me...$1.28 U.S.

I do not delve much as an old fart, so it was a solid trip down memory lane.

On thing I found of note is to be found at the opening discourse relating to what, who, when and where to perform the ritual. Said ritual being "The Call To CTHULHU", the wording of note being...ahem, to paraphrase...All participants must wear the seal of Satan as a medallion; disregarding that action may prove dangerous.

This is the only mumbo jumbo concerning a "Should do or else" cloaked in occultism that I have ever found in regards to LaVeys' work. Usually the words LaVey penned are lucid and set in a no-bull cadence to avoid misinterpretation. But those few words smack of standing within protective circle hype, and do or die mystery found among white lighters.

Before someone mistakes my intent at whining or bashing, I would like to give my own opinion as to the why.

LaVey knew emotion to be a great factor in energy formation and direction. The mythos of Lovecraft smack of amulets and talismans being influential on guiding/controlling the wild, hoary aspects of the old gods, using angles as paths...in surrounding area or as sigils. To the less than observant, the emotion ploy comes from the threat of danger! danger! DANGER! by ignoring such a warning and the thoughts at "How wild will this ride be!?!" by those wearing the seal. The esoteric meaning could be the angles of the sign being worn, act as a proper conduit to the particular energies being dealt with, and not having such a device would open up a world of alien hurt on the participants not in touch with geometric energy.

Once again, I am not saying what I found written is wrong, just odd, and worthy of guessing intent, if for nothing else than to pass time while on the throne.

I am off to purchase a newer volume, and see if it still resides in writing there. If any would like to share their musings, I guess now would be the time to enlighten.