I have a couple questions about the COS, first, I am interested in becoming an active member. I have one problem though, just out of college I was diagnosed with cancer... the strong survive but my credit rating took a pretty serious blow. I am paying off all of my medical bills and I should have them payed off in a year, but everything will remain on my report for several years, will this be a problem for me to obtain an active membership?
Second, I am interested in putting together a circle in my home, If I know some people who are interested in participating is there any reason I shouldn't even if I must perform the role of priest, granted I am my own God and I can do this regardless, out of respect and apprestiation I ask.
Third, how do I get my membership status to appear as a member on this and the undercroft site? An image of my card should be in Magister Ventrue's Undercroft inbox any moment.
Satanic Regards,
Hail Satan!