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Welcome to the board! (And congratulations on escaping from the Witnesses.)

Awww...I greatly appreciated your congratulations. Yes! I am a very fortunate survivor of that insidious cult, it is true. They have claimed many minds, and even lives, with their lies.

For instance, they are against blood transfusions, even if it is to save their own lives. Well, at least this was their official policy when I was growing up. So many people died because of refusing blood in an emergency situation; and, there were many other people affected by these losses who had to see their dear loved ones (spouses, family, children)--some at very young ages-- die unnecessarily. Many spouses and parents had to pass the rest of their time in great pain over untimely deaths of people they cared about.

Then, years later, the JW's changed their opinion and said that now blood transfusions were "a matter of conscience" and that a person could either accept one or not, and it was all okay with "God." Imagine this betrayal for those whose family members were already gone...never to return!