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Thank you.

And I mean has as in has to eat it because I'm black and if black people don't eat fried chicken then they die. jack

Holy SHIT! You're black? I just thought you had a deep tan being that you live in sunny California.

I'm trying to recall the Comedian who talked about racism in the south... he asked the question "Have you ever been so shocked/offended that you just couldn't react"?

He said he went into a diner in the south and before ordering the man behind the counter said "You'll have the chicken". He then said "Well how did you know that!!??" Then he went further to say that he was afraid to eat chicken in public because he just knew that there were white people watching him saying "Look at him...eating that chicken...and....he's ENJOYING IT"!

I'll look it up..I recently saw it on an HBO special and just can't recall the Comedians name right now. Might be Dave Chappelle but don't quote Me on that.
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