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You had us all by hello. grin

My former girlfriend is one of the wit-less so I know (vaguely) what you have been forced to trudge through. I'm surprised that they don't produce more psychopaths than they do...

They make wonderful guests however; an unending source of entertainment!

Enjoy your stay!

Thank you for the kind welcome Black Waltz! I am already definitely enjoying the intelligent interaction here.

I had to chuckle at your psychopath comment, because (self-absorbed, but entirely facetious rant coming up), I often say that if I hadn't exited the religion when I did I probably would have been the first female to climb a clock tower and start taking people out, yelling things with each press of the trigger like, "This is for Charles Whitman! This is for my mind! This is for your hypocrisy, lies and for NOT GIVING ME A BIRTHDAY....EVER!!!"

So, in retrospect, I think the difference between a life of contented thought and total annhilation may have lain in one more year, month, week, or possibly even just a day longer in that religion. It's easy to snap when you are forced to follow a life not of your choosing, but especially easy when the life they pick for you is also not one you respect at all. I consider myself a survivor--I made it out alive and well! devilchili