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I got stopped in the street by someone from Utah just the other day.

I tried to walk away but he followed me along asking if I knew Jesus and would I like to go to church with him next Sunday.

He wasn't a JW though. This was of the Mormon variety.

All these crazy fuckers seem to originate from Utah and Salt Lake City.

You are being watched. crossbones skull crossbones

I am so sorry for what happened to you! Look, speaking as a survivor of Utah (I have only lived here since 2003 by the way), here is a friendly tip from me to you, dear Reverend: if you see two or more men in dark blue suits, short hair, white shirts and carrying what looks suspiciously like religious propoganda materials, RUN! I consider them armed and dangerous and always cross the street immediately. There have been, what I call, random conversion muggings here in Utah. This is where someone gets clubbed over the back of the head with the Book of Mormon, dragged into an alley and hypocritically lectured, only to reemerge glassy-eyed and completely converted. It's a horrible thing to witness. :>