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You are being watched.

Indeed you are. No joke. I dated a fellow who's father was employed with the NSA.

Some of his accounts would send shivers up ones spine.

Ever see the film "Enemy Of The State"?

Let's just say that that film wasn't too far off the par......

Don't even get Me started on the crazy cult which is (The Mormons). I have done vast research on them and well....


Nutters. Every single one of them (however, if you need help in moving or in yard work etc. they are useful.)

I couldn't agree more. I actually don't know much about them, because I don't care at all about their beliefs. However, a friend of mine was telling me a couple of things about them once and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was so insane I wouldn't filthy up this board with what I heard! But, suffice to say you are right: "nutters" about covers it.