Thanks for the modern-day clarification of what is happening in California these days. It has been awhile since I lived there, although I do travel there regularly. In fact, I am heading to Northern California in just a couple of weeks. However, so much time is spent in meetings or research, then onto a hotel room or restaurant that I often find that some inter-personal communication is what is missing from the experience. It is nice that you are there and can tell me what is happening! I know that people are still lured by the call of Hollywood, of course, and by the warmth and Pacific Ocean. Do you still see a lot of people moving to California, in your viewpoint? Also, may I ask, how did you come to live in California? Are you originally from Europe? I enjoy Europe too, quite a bit. I have a home in France and I get away to my country chateau about 2-3 times a year. It is always an illuminating experience!