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But...but...aren't you afraid that you're not going to be in the New Order when Moses is resurected? Or what about the prospect of being able to eat beautiful red apples from a basket next to a Panda bear? (As depicted by the AMAZINGLY TALENTED Watchtower Bible and Tract Society artists!)

Ha .. I couldn't resist! smile



That is so funny! I so desperately wanted to believe that when I was younger (partly because I got spanked if I didn't want to read the latest Watchtower and Awake, and partly because I just loved animals so much). Ah, to meet Ruth or Sarah and to lie down between the sheep and wolf as dear friends...

WHAT A CROCK! Can you believe we were ever suckered into that sort of thing?
Nowadays, I think Jezebel is more dear to my heart! smile
Thanks for the cool welcome. You brought back a lot of funny memories.