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Eve smiles at said questions.

Something I used to do when younger (and still under Fathers Xtian wings) was to study other cults/religions).

I really appreciated reading this post Eve! I mean, it is just so strange when your mind does become opened and you actually see the lies and mythologies that these entire organizations are built on! It's really amazing, and such a great example of so many people who live amongst us...people who are completely blind!

For instance, what you said about Jehovah forgetting things really rings true with me. The Jehovah's Witnesses have the worst predictional track record of any organization that I am aware of. They have gotten 99.9% of everything they "predicted," wrong. Well, hey--you say enough of those things you are bound to get something right. Anyways, their excuse for always getting their information incorrect (despite the claim that they were supposedly getting it directly from Jehovah's holy spirit), was that "The light grew brighter." This meant that they were slowly coming out of Christendom's shadow of falsehoods (because of the belief JW's have that they are the only TRUE Christian organization on the planet).

Now, this always bothered me. I use to think, "Well, are you guys saying Jehovah stutters or something? I mean, if you are talking directly to god, then why in the hell can't he transmit the information correctly the first time?"

About a year later the above thought changed to, "Oh, I see why it is all wrong now...you guys are full of shit!"

Hilarious, scary and disturbing all at the same time.