The Jehovah's Witnesses

Don't even get Me started on that bunch of nutters.

A female Comedian once described them best (in My opinion)...

I am not quoting but more along the lines of paraphrasing as it's been quite some years since I saw her act (and I cannot recall her name) but essentially what she stated was this:

"If you KNEW and were taught that only a certain number of people were going to get into 'heaven', ummmmm well.... wouldn't you kind of keep that a secret to make sure that YOU were one of the fortunate ones who made it into heaven"?

Makes sense to Me. If only 144 thousand (or whatever their number is) is to make it into that great amusement park in the sky.....why would you freaking tell anyone else about it?

(Eve is reminded of the film 'The Beach'.)

They 'believe' in such things as predestination, and don't get Me going on the Scientific/medical hoo to do that they involved errr/NOT involved in.


Satan LIVES!
If you could....would YOU?

"Our religion does not require martyrs."
Magistra Nadramia.

YOU can be a voice for the voiceless.