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As a method writer, I am curious if you find it hard to "detach?" Or do you purposely stay attached until your work is done? I know there are many different styles using method. I have even known a few that go as far as creating a scene and actually roleplaying to spark transistions. Your thoughts?

Well, that is an interesting question you asked! I personally do not find it hard to detach, when I want to. I also only write about subjects which are a deeply felt part of the authentic me, so even in the broad area of fiction, I never would role-play something that wasn't authentic. So, what this means is that I already embody the subjects I will proceed to write about, but as I write about them I learn more (through research) and I immerse myself fully into just that area of life to experience the characters and scenes more fully. I do create the scenes in my own life, yes, but they are always organic to the real me.

For instance, in a certain erotically-charged novel I wrote (won't give out the details), I lived the entire time in France and lived out every scene in the book, including the heartbreak, drama, and ultimate betrayal. Although I purposefully set out to create the drama and love interests, it was authentic--every bit of it--right down to the genuine feelings. Now, I didn't create the scenes solely for the reason of only writing my novel. I created them to live a full life while knowing all along they would also produce the autobiographical work. The fictionalized parts came in later as I adapted certain times, conditions, dialogues and characters to better meet a more dramatic, entertaining criterion.

In my latest work, which is a trilogy that is in the apocalyptical genre, there are many aspects of the work I am living out right now. I am exploring mythologies, how they are created (I am a fan of Joseph Campbell), and working to initiate my own mythology through the work. I better not say much more than that! smile

Thank you for the question!