>>I have been busy with my education<<

Which obviously hasn't included spelling and grammar

Ok, here's my reasoning:

In WWII there used to be this very pertinent maxim - "careless talk costs lives" which was placed on warning posters which were then hung about all over the country as a reminder to everyone.

The premise of this was that one has to be careful in speaking to strangers, however seemingly innocuous it may seem. A man at the bus stop, a woman in a bar, a couple on a train. Anyone could be an enemy.

It is a fact that some of those people who failed to heed this warning did cost others their lives.

Here, with the internet is an even greater risk.

Let us say a stranger came on here; as you have done, and asked the questions such as you have asked (a seemingly innocent enough place and seemingly innocent enough questions).

Of course, some of the military personel can relate to your dilemma - they have been there too - so they respond and ultimately "friendships" can be forged, more meaningful contact evolved over time.

Again, we have a situation where a seemingly innocuous friendship could quite easily not be all that it appears.

Not everyone is who they claim. Any contact could become a foothold for an enemy.

We are at war. We have men and women in a warzone.

Careless talk costs lives.

Does this sound far-fetched? Do you think it stupid?

I would have thought it was obvious to any member of the Military Police.
Human beings are as significant as a cigarette burn in the sun.