No, it was not. Satanism didn't exist then.

My own theory is that the religion which most closely resembles the ideals and concepts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is Protestant. There are varying opinions. We already know about the Freemason connection. We know that most of the Founders were Protestant, or as it has been pointed out to me, other denominations of Protestant. We also know that none of them were right-wing evangelical Christians, such as those who now claim that the USA was founded on Christianity.

So far, I don't know any Satanists who believe in sacred geometry with the single exception of the trapezoid. I hardly think that the Pentagon is a reference to any of LaVey's principles. LaVey invented his own meanings for the pentagram/baphomet of Levi and earlier irrelevant sources. "In God We Trust" and the eye at the top of the pyramid is an Egyptian/Freemason reference to my knowledge to a monotheistic God, i.e., Akhenaton, which certainly isn't the anti-theism of Satanists.