Wow, I wish I had read this one sooner. It was as I had expected no longer official Army doctorine which explains why I was having such a hard time finding it even though I could find dozens of references to it.
Thanks! The reason I was looking for it was:
1. I had read somewhere it was authorized.
2. I was approached by a soldier who asked me about Satanism and also about Masonry (no I am not a Mason) both of which it seems, are not authorized in the Army. The soldier has no idea what my beliefs are but he approached me because I am his Team Leader- of course I was unable to answer the Satanic question, the Masonic one I could because MY supervisor is a Mason and I asked him straight out if it was authorized, which I had always heard it was not. His response was not it was not authorized even though he proudly wears his ring and watch (as do many others) and he acknowledged if someone was to call him out on it he would be screwed.
The best I was able to do for the soldier was to refer him to the Equal Opportunity Rep. and as it turns out the EO Rep was wrong as well. Fortunately he is a good friend of mine and has unasual views as well (he is a Kabbalist, sp?) and keeps his thoughts, and the thoughts of others to himself.

Thanks again, this has been a big help