I sent an email to CoS and here is the response I got:

The Department of the Army has changed things recently, under the Bush administration, and the previous chaplainís handbook which listed many alternative religions has been allowed to go out of print, leaving things more nebulous.

They had moved to presenting a web site which updated the manual, and it included links to our site. However, that now is also gone.

Can you help ,me to download DA PAM 165-13? that's all I'm asking for.

If you visit our Sources page, you will find a link to the older version of the manual.

Sources at www.churchofsatan.com.

Church of Satan

On 4/17/04 1:28 PM, "robert hall" wrote:

Sorry I hate to bother you, I have tried to search for the answer myself on the Internet and I have asked many Non Commisioned Officers in the Army. I have found that regulation DA PAM 165-13 covers religeons authorized or recognized by the military and have found some reference on the CoS webpage as well, unfortunately the web page is way outdated and as can be imagined, although there is reference to the regulation- it is not available off the internet. Not even off the Chaplain's home page- go figure!
I have tried to ask on the ask Satan web page and some of the members have tried to be helpfull but unfortunately were not better off than me at finding the answer.

That is the end of the email

It seems Knocko was correct and that explains why I have been unable to download it.

Also some of this was a waste of time and I am at least partyly (or mostly) to blame, I guess I shouldn't have been reading the post responses after drinking. Thanks.
This has answered my question at least so it wasn't a total waste of time.