I'm glad that I could (finally) help. I just wish it would have helped before things got out of hand. Next time I CAP and BOLD my Subject header so people look there. I was a Satanist when I joined the Navy and I had to deal with many a problem; I was heavily scrutinized and I followed all the proper procedures. I did as much research as I could and I was eventually accepted, but only because my command officers wrote me off as a Wiccan (which for some reason they can accept).
"When the long winter nights come on and the wolves follow their meat into the lower valleys, he may be seen running at the head of the pack through the pale moonlight or glimmering borealis, leaping gigantic above his fellows, his great throat a-bellow as he sings a song of the younger world, which is the song of the pack. "Old longings nomadic leap, Chafing at custom's chain: Again from its brumal sleep Wakens the ferine strain."" -Jack London, The Call of the Wild