concept of the scietific unality of love

so(1?9=&gt,eyes,hear,touch,i am)

((((1?9=3.14.. .(need eyes,need ears,need touch, i am, i need, i see, i believe, i saw, need taste, need smells, need dictionary, ill) i will) i think) i just)

i find your art good enough to copy so i share. never the less ill answer your dream. you speak of a duplice mountain among the mountains of the earth one turned the ocean red next you had a dream of the movie constanting with the spear of destiny. this 2 one of your dream is all that the balance time and taxis that are available upon the theyyou speak of. so i wont continue but as you say you believe in god ill say you say right choice left so trinity as in the adam eve theory of purpoe developing within the 6 million and animals upon the planet.

as your in a beliefe in god it is believed amo ngst both sides to turn the other cheak

good luck on your travels all i mean is peace (theif) copy cat