It only happens once a year … around the time when the ghouls and ghosts walk among the living … when the evenings seem darker and the shadows seem to move. Its Halloween time again, the time of the year that we all look forward to and hate to see go when it is over! As most of you know, the main reasons why Evening Eclipse was created was to help make Halloween last all year long. We only offer up this type of sale right around Halloween, this way you will have a good stock of candles to get you through that dreaded transitional month of November, which falls between our beloved Halloween and the coming (Evening Eclipse) Wicked Winter™!

The 10 days of Halloween Sale counts down the final 10 days until the night when the dead co-exist with the living. Each day there will be a different sale offering, as the days count down so does the sale. Below is a chart to help you visualize this:

Percent Off
Free Item

Oct. 22nd
50% Off
Tannis Root Votive
Oct. 23rd
45% Off
Possession Votive
Oct. 24th
40% Off
Big Bad Wolf Votive
Oct. 25th
35% Off
Harvest Moon Votive
Oct. 26th
30% Off
Nightmare Votive
Oct. 27th
25% Off
Dark Treats Votive
Oct. 28th
20% Off
Candyman Votive
Oct. 29th
15% Off
Redrum Votive (NEW*)
Oct. 30th
10% Off
Crystal Lake Votive (NEW*)
31% Off
Special Surprise**

NEW* = These are un-released fragrances for the upcoming Horror Collection, by ordering this deal you will be the first to try them!

Surprise** = All orders on Halloween under $20 will receive our Signature un-released “Evening Eclipse” scented votive and Free Candy. All orders on Halloween over $20 will receive all four Horror Collection Votives in a special bat or spider designed box, our Signature “Evening Eclipse” scented votive, and Free Candy!!!

In order to take advantage of the 10 days of Halloween Sale you must enter the Discount Code shown below into the “Discount Code” section during checkout. The discount code is the same everyday but it will apply the correct percent off based on the date of the sale. Remember the percent off changes every night at 12:00AM (Central Standard Time)!!!

The Discount Code is – 10312008

We will make every effort possible to get your order to you before Halloween but we cannot guaranty that your order will arrive on or before Halloween.

So don’t delay, get in on this Halloween treat while you still can!

Eclipse the Darkness …
Happy Halloween from Evening Eclipse!!!