Well finally the time has come... as some of you know ... the server we are sitting on right now was hacked a few days ago. Just to give you some statistics ... this server gets "attacked" by over 500 IP addresses a day. Most of the attacks are from outside the USA, mostly from Romania, slovic nations, russia, china ... but most of them are just random brute force scripts that get blocked easily. The hackers in this case used a flaw in one of the website scripts from a site I was hosting, they were able to gain access to the server and modify the files on it in order to open some back doors into the system. Now I caught it before they could do any real harm. But as with any server, once it has been hacked and files have been modifed ... you have to abandon the server because there is always the chance you miss something and they still have access.

I have patched up all the back doors I could find and so far I have been able to stop them from getting back in. Regardless, I will be purchasing a new server and moving everything over to it during the next week. Sadly, this is a TON of work, moving all the domains, files, and databases. Also re-keying all of the SSL (secure certificates) to the new server, changing all the IP addresses on the new server and a bunch of other things. So if the site seems a little flaky here and there, bare with me! I will get everything back up and running shortly with no loss of data!

The new server will be more powerful and will come with higher levels of security to stop these attacks in the future. This new server will cost a bit more than the current one so that becomes an issue. I am also not going to be hosting other peoples sites any longer, as I do not have the time to be a hosting company plus I would need employees in order to monitor the server and all the sites full time. When you charge nothing or next to nothing for hosting, that is just not feasible. All my projects and companies will remain along with churchofsatan.com, vampiretemple.com, and coopstuff.com ... all of these sites, I monitor personally and upgrade or fix any security issues as they come out. So I know these sites are safe and secure. I just do not have the time to watch and secure the dozens of other sites I host along with doing everything I do in a day (if there were only a few more hours in a day!).

I believe the time has come sadly, that I may need to charge a small subscription fee for the use of this forum. Now mind you it will only equate to $1 or $2 a month and will be in the term of per year. The Market Place, Announcements, New Users, and comments section will stay free. The subscription will be for all forums past that. Also there will NOT be an extra charge for the CoS Members area, that will remain the same, if you are a CoS Member you will have access to it at no extra charge.

So ultimately, I am interested in your thoughts and feelings towards this. I have placed a poll below and you can also reply with your thoughts.

Thank you!

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