Infernal greetings everyone!

You may or may not have heard of The Sentinel, the only Satanic magazine in Australia!! The magazine was started by CoS Warlock Marquis HK and fellow CoS Satanist Atronach in 2007, and has come out with 3 issues thus far.

The Sentinel provides a means for the expression of occult and dark culture thoughts and ideas from a Satanic perspective. Such inspired art, films, music, stories and essays may often be ignored by the mainstream, but speak to the hearts of those on the Left Hand Path. Submissions come from various members of our cabal and other contributors across Australia.

Issue #3 of The Sentinel was released on Halloween, launched at a Halloween party at The Step Inn nightclub in Brisbane city. We would, however, also like to promote The Sentinel to Satanists worldwide! coopdevil crossbones coopdevil

THE SENTINEL – is Kicking ass for Satan Down Under, and is available to mail WORLDWIDE. If you want something dark and different to sink you teeth into, this underground magazine will certainly hit the spot. All 3 issues can be ordered! (subscriptions are not yet available, but are being considered for the near future).

ISSUE #1 – features interviews with band members from Morbid Angel and Amebix, essays on ‘A Satanic view of the Catholic Church’, ‘The Dark (Martial) Arts’, DVD reviews, 'On being your own God', ‘Burnt at the Stake!!!’ (Satan in the news), a tribute to the work of Austin Osman Spare (1886 – 1956) and MORE!

ISSUE #2 – features an interview with UK Band Akercocke, essays on ‘The Forbidden Art of Burlesque’, ‘Satanic Health and Fitness’ with Witch Veronica Black, ‘The Inquisition’, ‘Letters from the Night Stalker' (a decade of correspondence between Warlock Marquis HK and Richard Ramirez), A Tribute to one of the pioneers of modern-day slasher fims - Mick Myers, and the Halloween movie series, an erotic comic strip about sexy secret Agent Stephenson, and MUCH MORE!

ISSUE #3 – the latest issue stands apart as a thing of beauty with its borderless black printing, and must be held to be truly appreciated! Featuring more stories from local artists and writers (including my essay on Satanic Symbolism laugh ), more interviews with extreme music bands, intriguing and erotic comic strips, comical ‘advertisements’ poking fun at the mainstream, film and literature reviews, ‘Erichtho, Lucan’s extreme witch’, ‘Lex Talionis; Survival on the street’, A look at the fictional Villains we love, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

You’re missing out if you haven’t had the pleasure of a session with The Sentinel!

To order contact Warlock Marquis - [email protected] OR Atronach - [email protected] (payment can be made via PayPal to [email protected])

Issue #1 costs $4.00 AU and weighs 101 grams
Issue #2 costs $5.00 AU and weighs 138 grams
Issue #3 costs $5.00 AU and weighs 184 grams
PLUS the ‘Tough bag’ packaging is 34 grams and costs $1.10 AU

Postage costs can be calculated with Australia Post. Sent as a letter (not parcel) choose your country, and the total weight based on on how many issues you are ordering plus packaging weight.

For international orders use a converter to work out your total cost with postage.



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