Title: The Devil's Guitar

Artist: Sonny Bellavance

Label: Black House Tribute Recods

Cd and Artist info available here :


Cover Art by Daniel Byrd ( www.coffinrust.com)

This cd was a long awaited addition to my musical library after hearing two tracks on The Black House: A Tribute To Anton S. LaVey and like all works of Infernal art, it was well worth the wait.

The gates are flung wide with "Satan's Prelude" and thereupon the listenener's guided musical tour of Infernal delights begins. It is rare indeed when my own (very) Christian mother likes my musical tastes , and I noticed that she was entranced by the soothing Diabolical tones on this cd. I can scarcely put into word the sheer emotion and joy contained on these Luciferian musical manifestations. I am, of course, listening to the cd again as I type these words, and I feel again the warmth and power of the Black Flame surge through my every fiber.

I cannot bring myself to choose favorite tracks, as to skip a composition would be a crime. My reccomendation is to simply light candles, relax, and let the music sweep you along on the winds of Hell

Perfect for meditation or the ritual chamber

Bravo, Warlock Bellavance! One can only hope you have more in store on future releases.

Hail Bellavance!

Hail Satan!

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