This is an announcement to let all CoS Members know that I am planning to make some extreme modifications to the message board this weekend. This will be the first round in a series of changes I have planned.

My primary focus over the last two weeks was to get the Undercroft up to a stable and functional level. This has now been accomplished. The Undercroft now has all (and more) of the features I had envisioned for its opening. Now that it is stable I will leave it to sit and mature, now focusing my attentions on LttD.

The first series of changes to LttD will be the addition of the Games section again. I am also planning on modifying all of the new permissions on the forums based on Free and VIP Membership levels. After that is complete I will start adding the new forums I have planned for both the VIP and the CoS Member sections.

There is going to be one complication to this new system. Since everything is going to be designed around permission levels, there is a complicated problem with the CoS Members section and non-VIP Subscription members who are CoS Members. The problem is very similar to why I can only display CoS Member badges on VIP Members profiles on the Undercroft. With the complexity of the permission system I am not going to be able to allow non-VIP CoS Members to view the CoS Members section. You will basically be dropped down to the non-VIP status "but" you will still retain your CoS Member Title and Color as these are not affected by permissions (they are actually a manual change we have to make on each member). I am trying to do a work around on these permission issues but it is not going to be easy. So since I need to get the permission system stable and the forums up to the point they need to be at, it may be a week or three (or more) before I can focus on this issue.

So if you do not want to loose access to the CoS Members section I would suggest that you upgrade your accounts to the VIP Subscription level. By doing this you will retain all the necessary permissions to access all areas of LttD and the Undercroft.

With VIP Access on LttD you will be able to see all the VIP Member and CoS Member forums, continue to use the Private Message system, have access to the Arcade, and any new features I add in the coming weeks. I realize this is going to be a bit of a shock to some users but you need to understand that I have been running this board longer than 99% of the internet has been alive, I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this system all in order to provide CoS Members and Satanists alike with an easy to use communications system that enhances our abilities to talk, discuss, plan, and meet. My projects have been invaluable to myself and from what I have heard, a lot of other people. Projects have been planned here that would have never been started otherwise, friendships have been made that would have never been made, Members have met their "wives", "companions", "soul mates" here, and so much more over the last decade. If you were like me, waiting to find others who were like you, to know you were not alone in this "christian" run world ... LttD was the place! It was the whole reason I created this site, to make it a lot easier to find and talk with those who thought like I did! Social Satanism!

If you choose to also create an Undercroft account you will also have VIP access to create a profile, have the CoS Members badge on your profile, Access to the Classifieds, Access to Events, Access to create ADs for advertising your projects, Upload and view user videos, Earn and Spend Points on various things, Access to create and view user polls, Access to the private chatroom, Access to create and join user groups, Write blogs, Upload Music to your profile, Create Albums and upload tons of photos, Added security and customization, Ability to create sub-profiles for your Satanic Familiars and share them, Complete Social Interaction with other CoS Members, and a lot more coming soon once I start the Undercroft Phase 2 feature set!

I just wanted to give everyone fair warning on the changes that will occur between tonight and Sunday. With the amount of VIP CoS Members currently, lets just say they are going to have a LOT of room to stretch out in. With the literally "hundreds" of CoS Members on this forum, only a few dozen will be left standing in the CoS Members area. If you have any problems you can email me or post a message on the LttD Support forum.

Thank you!


From Hell,

Magister Frost

We're all around you, are you one of Us?
- The Church of Satan Emporium