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Introducing the first Undercroft user contest! The Undercroft is officially out of Beta and fully functional as of the beginning of this new year. In order to celebrate this monumental event we are running our first official contest. This contest will be the first of many contests in 2009 and is our way of giving back to every “user” who has helped make this the best Satanic Social Network on the web! The Undercroft has accomplished a lot in its first 2 months of being open and 2009 promises to be an amazing year here!

This contest runs from Jan. 6, 2009 until Jan. 31, 2009!

Who Qualifies?
In order to participate in this contest you must be a VIP Member, as the points system is only available to VIP Members. If you are not a VIP Member you can “upgrade” now and you will be able to automatically gain the ability to participate in this contest.

Contest Details!
This contest is designed to see who can acquire the most “points” by using the site and all its features by the end of the month. Everything you do on the Undercroft earns you points which can be spent on various things throughout the site. The top 13 users who earn the most points will win prizes. The first place user (with the most points earned) will receive a $50 gift certificate to the CoS Emporium website. The second place user will receive a $30 gift certificate to the CoS Emporium website. The third place user will receive a $20 gift certificate to the CoS Emporium website. All the users who fall in between fourth and thirteenth place will receive free Undercroft T-Shirts (valued at $18).

How It Works…
At the time of this message I have recorded everyone’s “Total Points Earned” into a spreadsheet. When the contest is over I will again record everyone’s “Total Points Earned” into the same spreadsheet and then subtract the two numbers. This will give me the total points earned for the time period of the contest and the 13 users with the most points earned will win! This design levels the playing field as it does not matter how many points you currently have, everyone technically starts at zero and has the same chance to win.

Contest Rules!!!
Again, only VIP Members will be able to participate in this contest. Only points earned within the contest time period count towards the contest. Only points earned through actual “normal” use of the site qualify. If you try and post a bunch of test data or one liner comments to just gain points you will be disqualified from the contest. The point of the contest is to encourage website usage, posting photos, participating in group discussions and forum discussions, posting or commenting on Satanic Familiars, pretty much everything you do on the site earns you points. So start using the site and have some fun along with getting rewarded for it!

Plus as an added bonus you will be able to use the points you earn on some AMAZING new features I will be adding to the site in the coming weeks, and when I say amazing, I mean it!!!!

Remember the contest runs from Jan. 6, 2009 until Jan. 31, 2009!

If you are not a VIP Member yet, you will want to be! VIP Members have access to some unbelievable features that are not available on any other Social Networking site, not even MySpace! Plus with the contests and free stuff you can order with your points, your membership basically pays for itself!!! Act now, you have nothing to lose, plus you are supporting a website that has done more for Satanism than any other website on the Net, ever!!! Satannet has been running for well over a decade now and we still have so much more to show you!!!

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