Nothing wrong with a reallistic view. I have considered that ID bracelets carry a risk of being overlooked, and I still carry My other ID. It is a shame that medical personnel would overlook medical information, but it would be unreallistic to assume or expect they would thoroughly check for it every time.

Still, yes, as You allued, I will not let that discourage the use. Any chance is better than none.

Also, I have since switched to a custom engraved steel bangel that has more information on the bracelet along side the PIN and Serial number, including blood type and allergies. Not only does this NOT soak up sweat--and stay on in the shower ;)--it stands a better chance of withstanding burning. Not that I look forward to burning, but, in the absence of doing anything to help Me, at least I can be identified. Almost as comfortable as a nylon strap, and as durable as a steel chain without the snagging.

Thank You.