This is simply an observation however, after seeing many 'do you believe in reincarnation etc.' type questions, I have finally come to the conclusion that some OK, many people simply want/need to be told what to believe/think.

Edit: To the original poster, I wanted to clarify that I am not only speaking of reincarnation but also of the many different questions of what happens to one after they die.

To 'believe' in something one is not sure of doesn't make much sense to Me. I can understand the 'hoping part' as many people really want to believe that there is something better out there (after here).

Best possible advise is to live everyday as if it were your last because it just could be. Instead of building sandcastles in the sky, or trying to get it right in the alleged 'next life', it would make more sense to get it right the first time. Now is the time.

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