I've searched for cosmic bunnies. smile "interesting" grin

I prefer real thing in presence, of course, too. smile

Just wanted to express, how absurd it seems to me. I am not expecting anything in the end; but if I should expect and meditate about something, what I can not predict, why not about bunnies...

If bunnies were taken into consideration by 'believing' people for enough long time, they could become the same "real" as anything else, for people. It is just about what people get used to.

This reminds me of one thing, in Czech republic exists a church, which is called "Vesmírní lidé" (Cosmic People), and they believe there are kind human beings living in the space and that there are also little lizards, who want to destroy people, implant chips into us, to make us part of "chip hell". (This was amusing people in my country for quite a time) And of course, to catch more people, Jesus has his important place there, too.
Not surprising at all, people accept it. So, why not pink bunny? smile

To some, bunnies may appear absurd, as to me Space People and reincarnation and any kind of belief in afterlife; and yes it is the same absurd, as it is all just human 'fantasy'. A.S. LaVey has nice part about that in TSB.

(It was amusing for me; I was reading TSB about ten years ago, and I had that opinion about religions and always thought, that those words were mine conclusion... and to re-read it after years in The Satanic Bible really amused me, as I realised it was Mr. LaVey's job with me... I always agreed, he just gave form to my, back then TOO young, thoughts.)