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some people simply believe in a nothingness that ensues death - while this serves their purpose, it makes life seem empty and pointless to me - what, if there is nothing, are we trying to achieve then? what is the point of our quest for knowledge?

I am not trying to achieve anything regarding my "afterlife". Why would I? I live here and now, and everything I achieve I do enjoy now. If I achieve knowledge, I do it for my joy, for my curiosity. Every day is lived for this life, not for another. Everything which just helps me in an eventual aferlife is not worth doing it.

If you need a afterlife to make this life worthfull, than there are many religions telling you what you want to here. Satanist won't tell you such a thing, because they don't know.

About your explanation on why you think there is something like reincarnation: So basically you believe because people live in fear of death? What? Really, what? You believe something because it fits your needs? You are affraid of death and instead of dealing with it you just make up something? You just believe in something to transcent fear? Why do you not face the fact that you can't stand death and do something about it? Talk, think, do... no matter what. Everything is better than to decieve yourself.

If you ask a question, you should never be afraid to hear the answer!