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If I understand it correctly, matter has a limited number of possible combinations. Positing time as being infinite, in time, these combinations will recur over and over again. Similar to playing Yatzee. Keep rolling 6 dice over and over again, and similar patterns will be repeated, ad infinitum.

Reincarnation begs the idea of progress...not part of the recuring theme...theme.

Is that about it?

That is pretty much it, but Nietzsche also regarded Eternal Recurrence as a challenge and ultimatum of sorts; the superior type could be confronted with the prospect of reliving every aspect of life with all of its horrors, pain, suffering, and uncertainty, identically down to the last detail for eternity and still be able to say "yes" to life.

That was one respect in which he exalted the ancient Greeks; that they could embrace a tragic view of existence and still possess the fortitude to remain life-affirming.

This is in direct contrast to the major religions of the world that glorify suffering for its own sake and advocate withdrawal from the world.
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