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"Everything we have acquired from science tells us that this is all there is."

Science doesn't tell that as a fact. It is a conclusion that many people draw based on certain evidence.

That is how science works--by drawing conclusions and creating theories based on facts logic, and evidence. What is best, is that all these are allowed to change and be modified based on new data. That is the modus operandi of science and many aspect of Satanism.

As someone, who follows this kind of process and holds the ideals of science, rational thought, doubt, and critical thinking to a very high esteem, it would be wrong for me to just say there is nothing after death, no question about it!
To everything, there is always the possibility of change. I try to keep an open mind.

But lets be rational, it is very unlikely based on what we know, that there is an afterlife. It is also unlikely that Santa Claus, Peter Pan, Zeus, Shiva, Yahweh, Spaghetti monster, pink unicorns, gremlins, heaven, hell, flying teapots, and fairies in your garden, are real.

They're all great stories, and wonderful products of the imagination, but that's just what they are--stories. Tell them to your children to make their childhoods more interesting and memorable.

As for what goes on in your mind when you die, and what lies in the mysterious beyond, I maturely admit that I don't know.

It is nice to have some good mysteries in this world. It gives incentive for further inquiry and interesting discoveries. And of course no one can forget the great stories and movies! cool

By the way, research has shown that when a person is beheaded, there is still brain activity going on for some time. We can never be 100% sure, but what if you can see yourself without your head before you die?! sick

May be that is why beheading is illegal. skull