>> I do believe, however, that our bodies are mortal and our souls are immortal <<

The human species has over the course of its evolution developed certain fictions that make life more palatable to our psychology. That is to say, the herd have developed self-sufficient delusions.

Spiritual religions work, psychologically speaking, like mind altering drugs for those that require an escape from the reality of the situation.

It is an interesting observation of Dr. LaVey's that the idea of re-incarnation developed in countries where life was pretty miserable, the concept being if you live well all will be better in your next earthly incarnation.

The whole concept of a soul (in the religious understanding of the word) - just like the whole concept of a creator God or the Nazarene born of a virgin who could walk on water, rose from the dead and physically flew up into the clouds - is completely ludicrous and I do not need proof to the contrary to know it!

Satanists understand life as it is.
Human beings are as significant as a cigarette burn in the sun.