I'm not going to accept or shun an idea simply because a book or a person tells me to. If I was going to be that much of a sheep I'd still be a Catholic or a Wiccan.

I was once close to death. I didn't feel my soul ebbing away. My life did not flash before me. There were no lights, voices or tunnels before me. All I felt was my body dying and blackness coming upon me.

I can't say that I buy the reincarnation faerie tale either.
I meet people and some seem familiar to me, as though I've known them before. But they could just remind me of someone or we could just be compatible, and that's not enough to convince me that we've know each other in 'a past life'.

I've never had flashbacks, dreams or any of the other 'signs' that other pagans told me about. Nor do I believe their 'guided meditations' are anything more than the power of suggestion hard at work.

Sure, reincarnation a pleasant notion. So are all the other fantasies that we hash out for ourselves. But I live in the real world, and until a past life, god, the Easter Bunny, Babayaga, Freddy Krueger etc. waltzes up to me and presents themselves for my scrutiny and verification, I'll remain a non-believer.

For my sins I will ask no forgiveness. For my sins they are not to forgive.