I just want to mention one simple thing.

Reincarnation is not survival even if it were real.

Reincarnation follows the following steps:

1. You die.

2. Someone else is born and that person does not have your memories.

Compare this to total amnesia:

1. You lose all of personal memories.

2. The person you used to be is "dead".

What makes you "you" are your memories.

Lose those and you no longer exist, practically speaking.

Reincarnation is nothing more than spiritual Alzheimer's disease.

Go talk to someone who has a close relative who has lost their memories to trauma or disease and this will all become obvious to you.

The people who think that reincarnation means that you survive death have simply not thought it through.

Reincarnation is death as far as you are concerned.


Almost forgot.

There is also this popular idea that somewhere along the way if you reincarnate long enough (and win enough spiritual brownie points) then you will recover all of your memories from all of your hundreds or thousands or (think Carl Sagan here) billions and billions of lives.

Sometimes this is supposed to go on between these nasty little incarnations down here on Earth.

Sometimes you have to "evolve" enough to remember all those lives.

Well, look at what happens once again to you if this were true.

Right now you relate to you by remembering your life from birth to the present (really you only remember small parts of your life but we'll keep this simple).

Now what exactly do you suppose happens to your identity as "you" if suddenly you are also a milkmaid named "Harriet" from 1872, a soldier named "Jean" from 1918, a priest named "Paul" from 1066, a prostitute named "Olga" from 436, and add on your hundreds (or thousands or whatever) life memories.

What happens to a can of tomato soup if you mix it into an ocean of chicken soup?

You are so diluted (and convoluted) that "you" cease to exist.

Think it through.

Either way, reincarnation is exactly equivalent to you dying dead and being totally destroyed as far as "you" are concerned.

But then maybe it appeals to so many people because they really are already brain dead anyway! wink

Just think it through from a selfish (Satanic!) perspective and you will understand why reincarnation is the same as absolute death.