Oh, I almost forgot.

The same folks that think reincarnation is so "good" also do not think that it is right if only you remember your own identity.

That would not be called reincarnation.

That would be called "possession".

And everyone "knows" that possession is evil ...even though possession is nine-tenths of the law! grin

Nope, you with just your memories coming back to life is evil.

Coming back as the Borg is okay though! zombie

Do you get the picture?

You as you, you as an individual - with your own memories, likes, dislikes, passions, loves, relationships, desires, etc. - that is basically evil if you get to live on that way back here on Earth as yourself.

But if you come back as a total amnesiac idiot-smiling infant, well that's spiritual.

And if we did that to convicted murderers the world would rise up and scream that we were monsters.

You see, if it is good for you then it is evil.

It is the same old, same old of what is selfish is "evil" and what is selfless is "virtuous".

That kind of crazy thinking is exactly what Satanism rejects.

And nothing is more selfless than you not being there as you!

No "you" = no "self" = selfless.

I'll take selfishness, thank you! wink