I can't emphasize too much that even if you did remember your "past lives" that this too would not mean anything for your survival.

Drowning in a sea of memories of vast numbers of "past life memories" - including values, likes, and dislikes opposed to the ones you hold now - would just as completely destroy "you" as you are, as if you were possessed by a thousand psychotic ghosts.

This is why I also find no survival value in the pursuit of "cosmic consciousness", the goal of all true mystics. If you become aware of how you are "one with everything" then that speck that you call "you" - with all of your silly little individual likes, dislikes, loves, hates, etc. - would be completely submerged in ...everything else.

To "awaken" to cosmic consciousness is nothing more than to cease to exist as an individual.

Rather than spend fifty years meditating in a cave to shut down the part of the brain that distinguishes you from other objects in your perception, the same thing can be accomplished by just dropping dead (and staying that way, please. No cheating. wink ).

I am not advocating suicide, murder, nor any form of dying. I like life and so should you ...even if you are stupid.