any arguement could be made for or against the idea of reincarnation, hence the on going debate.

Science however is not definative as an argument against it, it is just a different, possibly third view once again. I will explain this as though reincarnation is simply the idea that our physical body will absolutely become fuel for the next being. Does this mean that any knowledge is passed? No, so it an agnostic view i will take, being that we can not prove one way or the other.

On an atomic level however, we are somewhat just many guarks and atoms per se on a tite wave of frequency, be it a sound wave or light wave. since nothing so far is not comprised of these very small molecules etc., we must at least be able to say that metaphorically we have all had multiple experiences, none of wich matter. so as has been said before, maybe the best way to use this energy is to focus on what is physically known to the individual.

I also find it interesting that at death the physical body loses aproximately 21 grams. Is this the essence of the soul being lost? or perhaps just the passing of gas in a proverbial last
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