My gratitude to you, Magister for your work and efforts. I have subscribed right now annually, even if in general I hate very much automatic renewal. Perhaps an automatic email warning of renewal would be better for those like me.
I understand that everything has a cost, so the fees are reasonable but they are not cheap, with the exception of lifetime subscription. So perhaps there will be little contractions of our Members active an internet. Trying to avoid this I propose to introduce in the public section this closed new forum:

“The Church of Satan in the world”

http: // for Milano
http:// for Roma
http:// for Torino …

http:// for Athens


In which the Members who want to run a group in a particular city of the world could apply to be included.
I wrote this because I have the sensation that you in Usa and especially in New York do not feel the problem of meeting other Satanists so urgently like people in other countries, just because you already meet your fellows.

smile smile