Yes, the shipping took a bit long for my order, which was a small one, but the quality was worth the wait. I bought my first Sigil of Baphomet (1") and am definitely going to purchase a larger one soon. I wear it every day, and just to look at it gives me a sense of pride and inspiration. The quality is amazingly precise and it is beautiful to look at.
Shipping - a little bit slow, but worth the wait
*** As mentioned, the items come from different places, so the shipping is a bit odd, especially if you have multiple items. It all depends on the store that is shipping out those items. As mentioned, I wish there were other shipping options so that we could get items faster...although, some of them are being made only after the order is placed, so they have to make it before they ship it out. In those cases, the waiting is understandable.

Stock - I wish the Baphomet Banners, Rings, and other in-demand items were back in stock. they have been listed as "Out Of Stock" for a while now, and I am anxious to get my Baphomet Banner and a ring. The wall above my alter looks bare without the banner. I have a Satanic painting there now. My good friend Kurtz the Alchemist (Dallas, TX) gave it to me a short while back. It fills the need, but I am still anxious to get a banner to replace it.
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