I am sure that is the case. (every single member of CoS you have met is an individual.) My point albeit a simple one was that if the arguement was so useless and you had already adequetly answered there was no reason to add. I do agree that the popular notion of reincarnation is of no use on this physical plane,other than to help keep the herd in line (DUMB) however i was also stating another angle at which to approach. That angle being what i percieve to be obvious, that atomically we all sort of recycle. This is in no way to say that any memory is retained at a higher level than possibly cellular. On an extremely small scale. "it depends on what the definition of the word is, IS." William Jefferson Clinton.

With much do respect to the CoS the simple fact that it is an organization is part of the mechanism that kills individuality, otherwise there is no purpose for a hierarchy. I do understand,with that being said, CoS is in a unique position due to the fact that it attracts the alpha wolf personality. So in no way was that intended as a shot at the organization. Just an observation.
"Morality" It's a fickle thing, little thing,little thing. Depends on WHO, is your king, IS your king. -Fred A. Padilla-