Hello individuals this is my first post/introduction here at LttD and I must admit that these arguments are at the very least interesting. I like to think of myself as a philosopher, I took philosophy in college and have been exploring many facets of it myself frequenting my brother Adams (note 1) response. (Not the same Adam from the HOLEY Bible)

Since I was at the ripe age of 10, two years after I realized that I had always been a Satanist 21 years ago, I would spend a couple nights a week exploring epistemology, morality, ect. until six o’ clock in the morning.

I think the first thing to establish is reincarnations definition. After viewing several sources three definitions remain consistent with North America those are as follows

1. The belief that after death the soul is reborn in another body
2. An instance of rebirth in another body
3. Reappearance in a new form of a principle or idea

It is clear that the first two definitions have been discussed the third how ever is irrelevant to our discussion. That would be the definition to describe Jered the Subway spokes person being "reincarnated" from someone who didn’t indulge enough in pride to someone who learn the value of indulging oneself in every thing with balance whether he was consciously aware of it or not.

That being said I do have to add a few things to the arguments for the sake of logical deduction. Regarding the first definition
1. Knowledge is recognizing the patterns in the environment we exist in. i.e. dreams vs. reality the physics of each are different so we treat them differently
2. Science is the documentation of those patterns.
3. Memory is a compilation of experiences stored in a “physically grown” synapses of the brain Ref: http://www.innovationsreport.de/html/berichte/studien/bericht-56007.html
4. Individuality is derived by our individual experiences.
5. Once the physically grown synapses no longer exist, neither does the individual.

As previously mentioned (until there is a change in the available knowledge) there is no REASON believe that any level of consciousness can possibly transfer from one entity to another. Anything beyond that is hope. You would best be spending your time actually performing the research proving one way or the other and/or sharing what you have already learned about the topic.

As humans I see our greatest flaw being that we naturally seek the easiest path. Unfortunately the easiest path is rarely the right/correct path. Because the human ego is so great and seeking the truth is rarely easy, it is with great rarity that I find individuals that are capable of pulling away from the five scapegoats of Ignorance.
1. Government conspiracies
2. Gods-(reincarnation)
3. Extraterrestrials
4. Paranormal
5. Super Natural-(reincarnation)

They can all provide an explanation with out justification the philosophers greatest enemys

Note: 1 My brother follows Ayn Rands phylosophies as an Objectivist