With much do respect to the CoS the simple fact that it is an organization is part of the mechanism that kills individuality, otherwise there is no purpose for a hierarchy. I do understand,with that being said, CoS is in a unique position due to the fact that it attracts the alpha wolf personality. So in no way was that intended as a shot at the organization. Just an observation.

Sorry but that just does not make sense to me.

If a boy joins the Boy Scouts of America he can both feel that he is a part of an organization and feel pride in the positive qualities of that organization while learning skills and having experiences that empower and further mature him as an individual.

Joining an organization is not necessarily like merging with the Borg (from the Star Trek movies)!

Joining an organization that revolves around a celebration of personal power and individual strengths (such as the Church of Satan) certainly does not turn one into a mindless lemur!

I can see where avoiding joining a pro-individual organization such as the Church of Satan could easily stem from personal insecurities of one kind or another, however.

In such a case it would be entirely understandable that the insecure "lone wolf" could feel a need to denigrate joining the pack. Like the fox who could not actually reach the grapes, he could decide they must really be sour.

But that is just an excuse.

For the emotionally secure and truly independent "lone wolf" I doubt that there would ever be any such concern.

The truly independent and self-secure "lone wolf" would never assume that merely joining an organization would in any manner lessen his own sense of individuality.

It would be viewed as only another set of tools to use and contacts to enjoy.

It is who you already are that determines what happens when you associate with any group of individuals.

Salt in water dissolves.

Granite does not.